“Genius is in the idea; impact however comes from action!”

Hey, I’m Apolline, I’m a final-year student at King’s College London & I have a strong appetite not only to see the world but to learn what makes it ticks!

French, English, Spanish & Italian speaker, having studied in many countries, awarded of the 2018 King’s Global Award & being a diverse ski instructor, half-marathon runner, professional ballet dancer & hockey player, I am A Super dynamic passionate impact seeker, truly committed to help create positive change for the entire planet!

I am currently promoting micro-credits to support 100 micro-entrepreneurs in Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. This is on top of the already 600 businesses which we have supported since the founding of the Micro Crédit and Macro Action organisation in 2014.

Take part of the adventure & become the Macrodonator of the future & an Hero for our microentrepreneurs!